Friday, July 7, 2017

Rawa Fish Fry/ Rawa masala : Fish coated with cream of wheat and shallow fried.

We Mangaloreans love our fish! May be because we live in a coastal region. 😊 I am specially partial to fried fish. We fry our fish several different ways. We fry it plain with just the spicy marination, or coat it with a spicy masala and dip it in rice flour and fry it. We also dip the marinated fish in rava or cream of wheat and fry it when it is called Rawa fry!! I love the texture that you get with rawa fry. If you are gluten free, you can use corn meal instead of rawa. You get the same result.

The rawa fry can be a tawa fry ( pan fried), can be deep fried or shallow fried! I like to tawa fry it or shallow fry it for 2 reasons: a) it is healthier than deep-fried. b) the rawa does not drop off into the oil and get burnt.

Either ways, it is very easy to make. You can do this with any kind of fish. I have used tilapia. It works great with King fish, mackerel, porgy, pretty much any fish! You can use fillets it steaks. It makes a great combination with rice and Dali thoy ( dal) or rasam or with just plain rice kanji ( rice porridge).
Try it for yourself!!

Prep time: 10 mins + atleast 15 mins marination timeCook time: 10 mins
Total time: 35 mins

Servings : 2


Tilapia pieces : 2 big ones

1/4 cup Oil: for frying ( can use more if needed).
Onion rings: 6-8,for garnish
Lemon wedges: 2, for garnish

For marination:

Red chilli powder: 1 tbsp ( I use Kashmiri chilli powder as it is not too spicy and give a nice red color).
Turmeric powder ( haldi): 1 tbsp
Asofoetida ( hing)powder: a pinch
Salt: to taste
Lemon juice: 1 tbsp
Water: to make a paste
Rawa /sooji( cream of wheat) or cornmeal: 4 tbsp


Clean the fish pieces and keep aside.

In a bowl mix together red chilli powder, salt, haldi, hing, lemon juice and water to make a nice thick paste.

Apply this liberally to the fish pieces and keep aside for atleast 20-30 minutes.

Heat  oil in a frying pan on medium flame.

Take the rawa/sooji in a plate. Dip the fish in it so that the rawa coats it completely on all sides.

When the oil is slightly sizzling,  place the fish steaks in the oil and let it cook on medium-low heat for 7-8 minutes on one side. 

Now flip it and cook for 5-6 more minutes on low heat.

Drain on paper towels.

Serve hot with onion rings and lemon wedges. 

You can also serve it as a side with rice, dal and other accompaniments to make a complete meal.

I am bringing this to Angie's Fiesta Friday #179! Her cohosts this week are Petra @ Food Eat Love and Laura @ Feast Wisely. If you have never been to one of her fiesta's, you is tons of fun!

Cooking made easy:

Whenever you fry something, make sure that the oil is not too hot or cold when you drop the fish in it. If the oil is too hot, the fish will get burnt and if the oil is not hot enough, the fish will absorb too much oil and become oily! To check the temperature of the oil, drop into oil a drop of the marinade or batter. It should float right up to the surface of the oil. If it sinks, the oil is not hot enough.

Tip for healthy living:

Using minimal oil while cooking greatly reduces the total fat ingested by the body on a given day. Also using healthier oils that are meant to sustain high heats like coconut oil, mustard oil, sesame oil is healthier.
Some oils are not meant to be heated! They lose their nutritional value upon heating!

Food for thought:

If a plan doesn't work, change it. Don't change the goal. Unknown

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Mango Salsa; Meatless Monday

I believe I am a true mango lover! I love mangoes in all shapes and forms: raw, ripe, cut, curried, juiced... Pretty much anything.Check out  some of my mango recipes on my blog: During summer it is nice not to slave at the stove, to sit down on the terrace in the evening and enjoy the view. I made this mango salsa the other day to go with some leftover tortilla chips. This is very simple and easy to make and will vanish right in front of you. It is a perfect dish for your table during BBQ parties or to bring it to one. 

Do try it before mango season is done!

Servings: 3-4

Prep time: 5-10 mins Cook time: 0Total time: 5-10 mins


Ripe Mango, chopped : 2 cups
Onion, finely chopped: 1/4 cup
Chopped Bell pepper/capsicum: 1/4 cup. 
Tomato, chopped fine: 1/2 cup
Green chilli: 1 small, finely chopped( you may deseed the chilli if you don't want it to be spicy).
Cilantro, finely chopped: 2 tbsp
Lemon juice: 1 tbsp, can be adjusted based on taste.
Sea salt: 1/8 tsp
Honey: 1/2 tsp


Add all the above ingredients to a bowl. Mix thoroughly. 
Refrigerate until ready to use. 

Serve chilled. 

I am bringing this to Angie's Fiesta Friday #179! Her cohosts this week are Petra @ Food Eat Love and Laura @ Feast Wisely

Cooking made easy: 

If you have a party, you can make salsa like this the day before so that you are not stressed on the day of. 
You can vary the amount of lemon juice and honey based on how sweet the mango is and how you like your salsa: more sweet or more tangy. 

Tip for healthy living:

Freshly made salsas are much better than store bought ones. Use produce that is in season for the salsa. These are much fresher than produce that is not in season. 

Food for thought:

If you do wrong and try to prove you are right, TIME will smile at your foolishness. 

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Very Berry Smoothie; Vegan; Meatless Monday!

It finally feels like summer here!! Well actually too much summer!! It is officially not summer yet!!😩😩 It was so hot all weekend long!! I couldn't bear it! All I did was drink fluids all weekend long. I didn't feel like eating anything due to the heat. 

I made this mixed berry smoothie using the berries I had in my refrigerator. This is the season for berries and I have atleast 2-3 kinds on hand all the time. The kids love yo munch on berries and I use them in my oatmeal. For the smoothie I used some overripe strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I added a whole banana to give the smoothie thickness and sweetness. Just to be extra sure, I threw in a tablespoon of honey. I am aware that smoothies are made with milk but I blended the whole thing with water. You could use coconut water to give additional sweetness or to substitute for honey. You could strain it if you wish. I didn't strain it! The kids and hubby loved it! I am sure I will make this all summer long! It is a great way to get people who don't eat fruits to eat fruits! My son couldn't keep his hands off!

Servings: makes four 8 oz glasses 

Prep time: 5 minsCook time: 0 mins Total time: 5 mins 

Ingredients : 

Strawberries: 1 cup,hulled, washed and drained. 
Blueberries: 1 cup, hulled, washed and drained. 
Raspberries: 1 cup, hulled, washed and drained. 
Banana: 1, large
Honey/Agave : 1 tbsp
Water: 2 cups ( can add more depending on desired thickness)
Ice: 1+ 1 cup


Add all the above ingredients except 1 cup ice, to a blender. Pulse and blend for 1 minute.

Divide 1 cup ice between 4 cups. Pour the smoothie until desired level. Garnish with a fresh strawberry.

Serve chilled!

Enjoy!! I am sharing this with my dear friends at Angie's Fiesta Friday#177Your cohosts this week are Ai @ Ai Made It For You and Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook.

Cooking made easy: 

If you cannot be bothered with washing and cleaning the berries, you can use frozen berries. They usually come in a mixed bag and are perfect for smoothies! All you have to do is throw them in a blender! 

You can add soy/almond/coconut milk if you are vegan and regular milk if you are not. It makes for a great filling breakfast substitute. 

Tip for healthy living: 

Always wash berries just before using them. Soak them for 5 mins in cold water with a few drops of vinegar in it. This apparently helps clean most impurities. Then drain on paper towels.

Food for thought :

Fear is the mother of foresight. Thomas Hardy

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Spicy Karela ( Bitter gourd cooked with spices)

Most people shy away from Karela (bitter gourd or bitter melon in English). I for some reason love it. Every time I go get my groceries, if I see bitter gourd I will surely buy it. May be because I am aware of the immense health benefits and  the nutritional value of bitter gourd, especially for diabetics. People don't like it because of it's bitterness. I am of the opinion that either they have eaten a bitter gourd dish that has not been cooked properly. If a bitter gourd is cooked in the correct manner, there is little to no bitterness in the dish. Check my fried bitter gourd and the Masala Karela recipes.

Today I am bringing to you another of my favorite, easy to make bitter gourd recipes that does not leave the Karela tasting bitter! This recipe was shared by my sister.  I have modified it to make it tastier and more convenient.  Do try it.. You may like it!! 

Servings: 4-6

Prep time: 20 mins Cook time: 15-20 minsTotal time: 35-40 mins


Bitter gourd/ Karela: 2 medium sized
Turmeric powder/ haldi: 1 tsp
Salt: 1 tsp
Water: 4 cups
Tamarind pulp: 1/2 tsp
Jaggery/brown sugar: 1 tsp
Coconut oil: 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds: 1 tsp
Curry leaves: 1 sprig
Garlic : 4-6 cloves, chopped 
Red chilli powder: 1 tsp
Freshly grated coconut: 2 tbsp


Chop the Karela either in circles or in pieces. Take this in a bowl. 
Add turmeric powder, salt and keep aside for atleast 15 mins. I usually leave it overnight like that in the fridge ( for convenience). 

After 15 mins ( or whenever you are ready to cook it), squeeze the Karela a fistful at a time and keep aside. Do this with all the available bitter gourd. Discard the remaining water. 

Take this squeezed bitter gourd in a sauce pan or pot. 
Add 4 cups water, jaggery and tamarind pulp. 
Bring this to a boil, reduce the flame and cook it until the Karela is just tender. Turn off the flame and let it cool down slightly.  
When it has cooled down enough to handle it, drain the water completely. Discard the water. Keep the cooked Karela aside. 

In a sauté pan or frying pan, heat 1 tbsp coconut oil.
Add the mustard seeds. 
Once the mustard seeds splutter, add the curry leaves and chopped garlic. Sauté for few seconds until the garlic is fragrant. 
Add the red chilli powder. Sauté for 10 seconds.
Now add the cooked Karela, freshly grated coconut and if needed a pinch of salt( I usually don't add salt as we already added it earlier during marination). Mix and let it all come together for 2 mins. Turn off the flame.

Serve hot. 

Goes well with rice and dal, yogurt rice or roti.

I am bringing this to my dear friend Angie's Fiesta Friday#175. I bet they have not heard of this dish. Her cohosts this week are Monika @ Everyday Healthy Recipes and Suzanne @ A Pug in the Kitchen. Both are very talented bloggers.


Cooking made easy: 

The key to ensuring that Karela is not bitter is either to marinate it with salt and turmeric powder, squeeze it out and discard the water or to boil it in water, squeeze and remove and discard the water. 

Tip for healthy living:

Since time immemorial, bitter gourd had known for its health benefits in diabetics. The most significant being the insulin like properties of it's juice which is used in diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels under control. Research however has shown inconclusive results. Karela is also used as a blood purifier. It is supposedly helpful in people with toxemia, and helps boost the immune system. There have been also other claims like its use in people with gout, piles etc, but there has been no scientific evidence to support it.


Food for thought: 

Fortitude is the guard and support of other virtues. John Locke

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

4- ingredient Buckwheat Pancakes with vegan option; Meatless Monday.

Pancakes are fun for kids and adults alike. But there are many who follow a gluten free diet due their intolerance to gluten. Buckwheat flour is a great alternative to regular flour. It is of course darker in color and may not appeal to all but it is definitely healthier and has a different kind of nutty flavor. For all those who are vegetarian and don't eat eggs, you can totally skip the eggs and make the pancake. The use of buttermilk helps leaven the butter and make the pancakes fluffier.

Those who are vegan can use almond or soy milk and still make the pancakes. The only difference is that it won't be very fluffy.

I also make it healthier by using honey instead of sugar. You can use maple syrup too. Sugar alternatives like agave can also be used.

Servings: makes 5-6 medium sized pancakes.

Prep time: 10 minsCook time: 15 minsTotal time: 25 mins


Buckwheat flour: 1 cup
Baking powder: 1 tsp
Honey: 1 tbsp
Salt: 1/4 tsp
Buttermilk: 3/4 cup ( Vegans can use plant-based milk like almond milk/ soy milk)
Butter/ coconut oil : as needed to grease the pan. ( Vegans may use coconut oil)


Add buckwheat flour, baking powder and salt to a bowl. Mix well.

Add honey. Stir.

Now slowly add the buttermilk little by little, mixing the batter in between. Stir gently until all the batter is nicely mixed. The batter might be thicker than usual. It is ok.
Do not overmix!

Heat the griddle/pan.
Add 1/2 tsp of butter/oil to the pan.

Pour 1/4 cup of batter into the center of the pan. Using a ladle, gently spread it in circular motions. Don't spread it thin.

Let it cook on low flame for 2 mins. You will see bubbling on top. Try to release the edges of the pancake from the pan. If it releases easily, flip the pancake.

Cook from the other side for 1 more minute.

Remove from the griddle and place it on a serving plate.

Top it with bananas,  berries, chocolate chip or nuts. Pour maple syrup/honey or regular syrup on top.


I am bringing this to my dear friend Angie's Fiesta Friday#175. Her cohosts this week are Monika @ Everyday Healthy Recipes and Suzanne @ A Pug in the Kitchen

Cooking made easy:

While making pancakes, it is best to spread the batter thick. Also cook the pancakes keeping the gas flame low or else the bottom of the pancake will get burnt.

Tip for healthy living:

Buckwheat is a great alternative for people with gluten intolerance. It can be easily substituted for flour and it has a high nutritional value.

Food for thought:

Unless we remember, we cannot understand. E.M.Forster

Please do share your thoughts. Your opinion matters!

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